(Photo above) Paul Shaffer and Douglas Babb at the opening of

“The Center for Exploration” at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Babb did design and installation and was the Artist-in-residence.

“Miami Vice” Babb at Soundbytes in Connecticut.

Promo photo 2001.

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Topo the Robot

Actually an Andrrobot designed by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell

Click on the photo to learn more about Topo!

(Above) When I was cool...

Babb at the launch of the 2nd Space Shuttle Mission, Columbia, 1981.

Dr. Spin at the Halderman Tribute event 2008.

(Above) Doug with Mark Cawley and Carl Storie (Faith Band, etc.)

The Guess Who? July, 1969.

From left: Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Kim O’Connor, Garry Peterson,

Doug Babb, Jim Kale, Mayor Richard Lugar & Tom Mullin.

Our band, Kim O’Connor and His Orchestra, opened for

The Guess Who at Garfield Park in Indianapolis,

August 26, 1969!

Below is the actual poster for the event, thanks to Kim’s brother Scott!

Out take from 1987 “Games” cassette.

Douglas Babb and Howard Phillips (left) in “Howard and the Perfect Alibi” live at the Patio.

I am playing a rare Guild Bluesbird guitar. I miss it.

Circus 1981.

This is the last real band I was in...

A rare live appearance of “Santa Man”

“The Hardest Working Man in Snow Business!”

Casa de MIDI was at 6177 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN

Above: Christmas at “Tech Mex”

Below: Earth Day

1985? With Marilyn Ryan, Queen of Ballooning

1975 Earthborn Tropical Greenhouses (above)